Posted by: whisperernc | January 21, 2009

Behavior change in a dog

To have a better understanding of my work, I will begin posting examples of problems & how they were resolved.

A client called with complaints of significant change of behavior in her dog. The household pet was suddenly withdrawn from family members and was eating less. I ask people to not reveal too much information. That way I can tell them what is happening once I am with their pet.

This particular dog was frightened. He wondered what happened to a cat that shared the family home. The cat was sick and had died several weeks ago. The dog was concerned that the cat did something wrong & the owners got rid of her. He was fearful that if he did something wrong, they would get rid of him.

The client talked to her dog about the cat’s illness. She also reassured her dog that she would not get rid of him. His usual behavior and appetite returned within a few days.



  1. What an amazing story! Animals really do have a sense of what’s going on, and this shows the importance of “keeping them in the loop” just like you would with a human family member.

    You’ve inspired me to go and have a chat with my cat. 🙂 Thanks for the great post!

  2. Hi Christina. Thanks for stopping in and keep on chatting with your cat 🙂

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