Posted by: whisperernc | February 24, 2009

Farewell My Friend

Many Inside919 members already know about the passing of my beloved dog, Maggie. I thank those who sent a message of condolence and support.

Maggie was popular on Inside919. I received many comments about her wonderful smile and how beautiful she was.

Because of Maggie, I am in North Carolina. Circumstances required that we relocate. We were blessed to be together for 11 months in this magical state.

Her physical health deteriorated rapidly. Thanks to a veterinarian who has a mobile vet service, Maggie was able to die on her bed at home with her head resting on her favorite toy. She left peacefully while I sat beside her speaking softly & holding her.

It is my nature to question my decisions. I hope that it was the right one. It allowed Maggie to die with dignity in a familiar, safe environment.

So now I say farewell, my friend. You were beside me in good times and in bad. You taught me about patience, friendship and unconditional love.

Rest in peace, my precious girl…



  1. Barb,
    What a beautiful note to Maggie. I just love her picture, really love it.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    With love,

  2. Thank you, Norie.

    I did not see your comment until this morning. Your support is so appreciated. I hope you know that.

    Much Love to you.

  3. Sis,

    What a touching message. I’m teared up after reading it.



  4. I still cry every day about Maggie. Thanks for taking time to read.

    I love & miss you, Bo.

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