Posted by: whisperernc | February 9, 2010


My friend, Barb Borkowski, is a gifted healer in several arenas, including being able to communicate with those who cannot “speak” (in this case, I mean be able to utter aloud words that we can hear and understand).

She works with both humans and animals, and is able hear what they cannot say, but wish to communicate, including the comatose or differently-abled (through autism or other conditions rendering one “speechless”).

I don’t know about you, but when I think of the possibilities that Barb’s gifts can create for both the family and the individual (whether human or four-footed!), I’m humbled with gratitude for what God can do through us.

A personal note… Barb is very humble, and much of the text on her website reflects that humility. I can’t help but think that had her clients been the ones to create those pages, the sense you would have of her offerings would just “knock your socks off.” Mine got knocked off the day she and I were sitting on my front porch and she said, “Amy, I don’t tune in unless I’ve been asked to, but Ginger [my cat, who was seemingly asleep nearby] has some things she wants to say, and is rather insistent about it!” Suffice it to say that Ginger took the opportunity at hand to communicate things to me she felt I needed to hear. My life was the greater for it.

I’ve worked with a number of animal communicators the past five years, all of them very gifted, and I certainly count Barb among them. That she is also able to hear the longed-for (and longed-to-be-expressed) communication of “speechless” humans, puts her in a rather unique category. If you find yourself in circumstances in which you need or want to hear a loved one’s communication that you can no longer hear in the usual ways, I hope you will remember Barb Borkowski.

Amy Pierce
Wake Forest, NC



  1. Dear Barbara,
    Thanks so much for visiting with my animals. Nygel’s revealing to you that he would prefer the addition of another female dog rather than a male has led to a successful adoption/rescue of our new dog, Sasha. The transition was smoothe and without incident, as he already knew what to expect and had a part in the selection.
    Since our cat Andre’ told you he wanted his portrait in the family room with the other cats, rather than in the hallway, we moved it there and he is no longer cranky!
    Knowing that Joan’s hips are beginning to ache helps me understand her needs and how to make her golden years more comfortable.
    The details you’ve communicated through my animals are too numerous to mention in this forum, but I can say that, collectively, they’ve created a more peaceful environment by enabling me to make each of my animals more comfortable and happy by understanding their wants and needs. This makes both my husband and I very happy also. The work you do is invaluable and much appreciated. To share a deeper level of understanding of our animals is a gift beyond description, and the appreciation they show in return is priceless.
    Thanks so much Barbara.
    Michael and Laura Partlow

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